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Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

account dispute


Hi ....I have recieved an our latest invoice which includes undercharges from April 2016 due to estimated meter reads now corrected with an actual read. I do not agree with the amount and contacted AGL. I was put through to dispute resolutions and htey have informed your billing department that it is correct. I do not can I resolve this ?

Regards Hadrian


AGL Moderator
AGL Moderator

Hi Hadrian, 


Thank you for reaching out to us here! 


I'm sorry for the disappointment experienced and appreciate your feedback. 


I understand completely how a bill like this can be the cause of great concern and stress. There are numerous reasons as to why bills can be estimated and it sounds like your bills have been estimated for a long period of time and has been adjusted to your actual usage when an actual reading was received. 


If you've already spoken to a resolutions representative and still dispute the amount of the bill, please discuss this further with one of our representatives via webchat here to see if they can assist further. 


Kind regards,





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not sure this has been resolved..awaiting the new bill which you said would be sent..when received I can comment.