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Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

account credit

Hi everyone

We just received our recent account with a large credit sum but no information about why we got the credit except for on the back of the bill ot refers to DSL Credit DB TXU, does anyone know what this means? Google searching wasn't a great help.

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Hi Jenny,  we just got this same credit - did you find out what it was for?


Hi all,

Can anyone help with what this credit is for please - DB TXU?



AGL Moderator

Hi Kiwiannie,


These credits are usually applied to your account from your distributor. Have there been any lengthy outages in your error in recent memory?


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I was about to reply to the OP stating the same has happened to me. We had a huge outage for about a day or maybe a bit more earlier in the year around Jan or Feb. Looks like it is a credit for the downtime.
I would suggest that this may be the same in your case?