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Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

Why the expenses


Since 2014, having the smart meters installed into a property, I have noticed significant changes in pricing of both gas and electricity.. from having no amounts outstanding on bills..I now have a $6,700 debt... I live in a rental property, a property in which is owned privately. And pay excessive rent & higher bills. I would opt to have solar panels installed to reduce costs but unfortunately I am unable to decide or provide such systems. I am left with no options but to pay the highest amounts on bills. 

I am not an expert and do not understand the bills when they arrive. But I am however forced to pay what amounts that are outstanding. I have continuously payed using a payment plan. And those amounts have more than doubled. I don’t understand why I pay a fee of distribution to my property per day when this is not my property but states it is... those amounts are double dipping. I am aware the owner of the property also pays x amounts just not sure what they are and why I cover their expense of lines that connect their building. I cannot ever seem to manage my bills and do not ever use below what I’m expected to pay. Electricity is a nescessity in which is not luxury to pay & therefore is always needed and always important to pay until you die. Why are our accounts calculated in measurements that only the experts can understand? Is that so we pay more? I kB is how many MB? I MB is how many jB ? We used the same amounts as we used 15 years ago only technology now compared to before is measured in data usage rather than pure consumption? Yes our tvs are bigger and we have more internet computers ... they also are all measured in data ... has the Australian electricity /gas companies ever rewarded their clients significantly to say thank you? Have we ever received something back for all we work to pay our bills not to live? I think it’s time to speak up and take a stance !! We get up each morning to work, some of us drive or transport in .. revenue is in is 17% of wages before you clock into your job.. our foods from our land are either wasted or imported... our schools are revenue and expensive.. we get nothing rewarding from doing what’s right ... our courts are discriminative to righteousness as the law only caters for the criminals .. our political government is a disc race, our children are becoming more unsociable and hooked to technology.. who do we work for? Our families? Hahaha.. our children are left to attend after school classes or before... or left alone younger at homes.. we wonder why so much each morning we wake is taking its toll on deaths vandalism robberies, shootings, stabbings..? Change is good ... if it’s worth it ... forward actions is positive if they move you forward, but how are we to take those actions if we find them impossible? Utilities should cost each consumer no more than 10% of their annual income.. who pays more than that?? When has it been below 10% for the average person? Who pays for the lights in the streets . The community areas?? No not the councils ...! Who pays to instal them? No not the council ... developers pay inlou of properties they buy ... Australia will in the next 10 years continue to poison, rob, hurt &run their own people into graves that’s if they hold any land.. land remaining is very minimal and owned mostly by foreigners... our country will not belong to us anymore having other counties around the world changing that .. will destroy what we once called home...! I’m sure lots of us are worried? Some are not! Some care others not.. someone once asked me ... if you answered your door to a stranger and that stranger said to you ,” you have two choices, leave your home (family) you have, cause you have been ordered to kill other families .” or stay home with your family & you die..” what would you choose? We need to prepare our future to better suit people of tomorrow .. if we can prevent this why are we doing nothing? Our children won’t know if we continue to allow the take over of our lives will become clear if we take a stance on our human rights before that knock at the door occurs...! But who am I? 



I can completely relate to this and totally agree. 


I am in a similar situation. However my bill is more like $9,509.80 on power and $3,104.56 on gas. with bills about to issue again on both accounts which will increase my already substantial debt.  


I have tried on many occasions to get a straight answer from AGL as to why my accounts are so high. My usage doesnt really change in my opinion however on my bills it drastically changes to the point where some bills are nearly tripple that of earlier bills.  Im at present a single stay at home mother to three young children.  Ive always held steady and stable employment in a executive position within the legal industry that pays very well but the past few years have had health problems (cancer diagnosis) which meant im unable to work at present.  After being fortunate enough to escape some rather severe domestic violence.  Without a partner, im forced to be on a single parent pension until im well enough to return to work.


what i fail to understand, is how on earth can it be justified that my power and gas bills equate to $6,145.64 and $1,742.72 respectively or $7,888.36 when i only receive approximately $18,000 per year??? or 43.824% of my income.?? what hope have i got?? what hope have my children got???? They are suffering whilst i drown in debt.  Its unbelieveably depressing. 


I too wish i could afford Solar power.  But at the moment i struggle to afford food let alone something quite so extravegant. 


Its a complete injustice that it costs so much just for the necessities we require to exist. When i add up the bare minimum we need to afford a roof over our heads and food and power and gas, im spending alot more than i am getting. This doesnt include other basic necessities such as transport or school fees or clothing etc let alone things like christmas or birthday presents.  


No wonder suicide rates, homelessness, domestic violence, drug abuse, violence, and general crime rates are increasing in Australia. Not to mention the growing mental health problems people in society now experience.  I believe alot can definantly be attributed to the stressful lives we are forced to live. Requiring something more reminicent of a slave, forced to work the majority of our existence just to be able to have a roof over our heads and eat and stay warm. Largely (im sure) due to what i think is, simply put, greed.  I wonder how much profit companies such as AGL turn over on an annual basis. Oh wait, thats publicly avaliable knowledge.... "AGL Energy Limited (AGL) today reported Statutory Profit after tax of $539 million for the financial year ended 30 June 2017, compared with a Statutory Loss after tax of $(408) million in the prior financial year.". 


i could go on and on about this but ill end it there.. something needs to be done or something needs to change. But unfortunately... individually..., our voices dont matter. 



AGL Moderator



Thank you both for sharing your thoughts with the Community.


These are not insignificant worries you have, and issues that you are exasperated by. We are aware that the cost of essential services flows into other parts of our customers' lives, and that frustration for some people is unavoidable. Aside from urging you to contact us, we would like to assure you that AGL is doing what we can to demystify your bills so that anyone can understand them - this is happening slowly but surely, which is reflected in our latest Energy Insights initiative ( Our other endeavours to lower energy prices are focused on increasing supply and applying downward pressure on prices over the long term.


If there is anything in particular that you feel that AGL can do to support you currently, you're very welcome to send me a private message and I'll be sure to help where I can.


Kind regards,



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