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Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

When do Seniors Discounts start, once signed up?


I signed up for Queensland Seniors Discount at the start of August (over 10 weeks ago), and just got my first quarterly bill, which shows no discount at all.  Has the AGL billing system got it wrong, or does it only start from the next full billing cycle?  I really would have thought AGL wouldn't care when it started, since it's a State Government subsidy.

Thanks for any insight that might also help others.



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Hopefully an AGL staffer will read this and get more info from you and give you the answer you seek, but when I do a Google on 'agl queensland seniors discount' I get and it may default to NSW but easy for you to change states, hope this helps as it's all I can find.




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Hi @sandrah


there are a few concessions in QLD where there is no eligable rebate so that I can get this check out for you can you PM me your account details and will get the team to have a look?