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Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

What should be the typical amount for gas bill for 2 bedroom apartment with 3 people living in?


My 2 bedroom apartment have 3 people living in. Gas bill is extremely high every time for the last few years. 

Usage for hot water is more than 20,000MJ every quarter. Bill amount is $500 - $600 every quarter. I don't think it is normal. My friend's apartment is just one block next to me. It has got the same amount of people living in. His usage is 1600MJ. I don't believe different living style should make this much difference even there is. 

I have dealt with AGL and Jemena many times and it still not solved. Every time I was asked to take picture of the reading and send to them. Then I was told reading was in line. However I could not be convinced. My parents live in a 5 bedroom house with 7 people in the property. Gas bill is only around $120 per quarter. 

AGL promised me to have a meter read for me this Friday. If no problem found, they will raise up a meter investigation with Jemena. Hopefully it could be resolved this time.