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Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.



Dear AGL Customer Support,


I was advised by Koran in a phone call due to my disability being deaf and issues with the call cutting out what he was saying given that I am in Melbourne and he called me from Adelaide after receiving a direction from the Energy and Water Ombudsman to deal with my complaint of unable to communicate and understand successfully with call agents using headsets( I am fully aware of the reasons why they are used - for Occupational Health and Safety purposes) and the fact that other agents' conversations with other customers encroaching into my phone calls due to their closeness to the agent I am trying to make enquiries with.


I have come to the AGL Website and I am still unable  to find the link for webchat advised by agent on Wednesday


AGL Moderator

Hi Beejay,

You can chat with our web chat team by following this link and then clicking the yellow 'Chat with us' button.


Kind regards,



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Your web chat links don't work!