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Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

***WARNIG*** on paying online


When paying online check the processing details!!

I specifically entered the amount to be paid for my bill $140.30

When the bill was processed it was changed to exactly $136...

I believe this is the latest scam from companies for online payments of late, this has happened to me twice from AGL within a couple of years.

I believe this is a way for them scamming a late payment fee, they process a number lower than the actual bill.

Nice work AGL, I feel so sad for the elderly these days putting up with this s#it.

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AGL Moderator

Hi D-G,


Welcome to the AGL Community.


I'm sorry that you've joined us here under such negative circumstances. I can appreciate where you're coming from here, however I can assure you in absolute confidence that we're not intentionally reducing customers payments. From a business perspective, this would mean we're consciously reducing our revenue which doesn't make sense.


It does sound like something has gone awry with our payment system however! Can I ask if the drop from $140.30 to $136 were the exact figures that you saw to the cent?


Kind regards,



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