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Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.



I think supply charges shouldn't be allowed as we pay for what we use and the supply charges make up alot of the bill which can get hard to pay especially for low income earners. Also I think it is unfair to charge an estimated bill. Especially when, & I am quoting AGL, You say ...We take into account temperature, seasonality, average usage of similar customers in your area . Unfair.. it doesn't matter in our household what the temperature is we never use aircon or heaters , we just rug up & use blankets when cold and when hot we simply leave windows and doors open and always get a good breeze. So I think it's unfair of you to think we all live the same and we all use heaters and aircons because we all don't.


AGL Community Manager

Hi @Daisiegirl , supply charges are to cover maintenance of the infrastructure that connects energy to your home, and they are flat rate separate from usage charges, which are based on the energy you actually use.

Estimated bills are only used when we haven't received an actual reading from your local energy distribution company. They are only temporary and the estimated charge is corrected when we next receive an actual bill. In other words, if the estimate was too low, you'll need to pay extra to cover your usage, and if the estimate was too high, you'll get money back as a credit.


For more info check out Estimated Energy Bills

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