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Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

Unexpected electricity bill after i moved out



i m getting electricity bills when i vacated the property 5 months before, october 2020.i asked agl for disconnection .  I payed the last bill on december. Then again in march i m receiving bills from december 2020 to february 2021. When i talk with agl agent , they are saying ur disconnection didnt process. And now they say that i have to pay bills when i didnt even live there and when i contacted my real state agen , i came to know that , the property was not leased to anyone in that period. My question is how come i get bill of 64 dollars. When no one was living there and no one was using the electricity. I want explaination of that bill.




The answer is quite simple (and cheap for you).

Your supplier (the person that owns the poles and wires) charges you a daily fee (called the supply charge) which of cause AGL has passed onto you.


The best bit is that no-one is using any electricity.


So at best guess (billing period 90 days) you are paying $0.71 a day for a supply charge.


Ring AGL and supply the correct details and they will close the account!!!!


Cheers Neil