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Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.



I have 18 Solar Panels at my home but my bills are not recording a reading for Solar energy, could you please advise.


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The most common cause of a halt in solar export is either your inverter being turned off or there being a fault with your inverter, so we'd recommend that you start by checking for these possibilities. If you require further assistance, you will be best served by contacting the company who installed your solar system. If AGL installed your solar system, you can reach our team on 1300 356 363.


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AGL web site does not provide any contact capability for solving an inverter problem in a system directly supplied by AGL in 2013.


The phone contact numbers on the Customer Installation Pack are no longer connected.


Discussion with the firm contracted by AGL to perform the actual installation (ElectraSol) has confirmed that the solar system was provided by AGL and that ElectraSol has neither the authority nor the ability to contact the supplier of the inverter to sort out any warranty problems, since the system was sold to me by AGL Energy Services Pty Ltd.


I need to have a number to directly contact someone in AGL that can deal with matters arising from Solar Power Systems contracts made between AGL Energy Services Pty Ltd and me in 2013. 

AGL Moderator

Hi barjan, for assistance with this please contact the solar customer service team on 1300 377 118, they will be able to assist with this.