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Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

Solar Panels - a nightmare!!!


Nearly 2 years to get our solar panels working. But the nightmare was not over! OH NO!! The billing department seemed to lose our payment. Sending a screen shot and receipt number plus multiple discussions on the phone just fell on deaf ears. What did agl do?? They referred us to a debt collector!! Our bank confirmed that the payment had been made, we sent the debt collector the receipts and screen shots too BUT NO this was not enough. We kept getting calls asking for payment, just today when we were ready to go to our Federal member, we finally got acknowledgment over the phone that they had received the payment. No, there was no apology.

The sleepless nights the hours of time wasted on emails and on the phone felt like harassment and abuse. Agl was without a doubt the most frustrating business we have ever dealt with. Our solar panels seem to be working now but the pain of the process was not worth it. NEVER will I recommend to anyone that they choose agl for anything.


AGL Moderator

Hey Stunned,


Thank you for taking the time to provide this feedback about your experience.


It's disheartening to hear that we've made this process so difficult for you, and have then failed to even offer you with an apology. If there is anything that I can currently help you with or follow up on, you're always welcome to send me a private message.


Kind regards,



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