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Smart Meter and Feed in tariffs




We received a card from AGL stating that a smart meter couldn't be installed with a handwritten tick box "Too small to fit meter".

I take it to mean that our meter box (in our old house) is too small for the new meter to fit in.

My question now is:

1. What next? Do I need to find someone to replace or put another meter box? Or can AGL do that?

2. Meanwhile, what happens to our feed in tariff?





Hi Anne, I can't answer on behalf of AGL but I'm pleased for you that it has all worked out in your favour and no additional costs are needed!!




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Retired AGL Moderator

Hi @Anne


That is great that you were able to speak with your solar installer and confirm if your meter was a net or gross meter. In NSW as the solar installation is completed without AGL's involvement, we are not always aware of the configuration of the original metering. Also meters can vary dependent on distribution region and age. 


It is up to the electricity distribution company to update the retailer with the configuration of the solar metering, however at this time AGL is offering the digital meter exchange regardless of the current configuration. As the exchange is not mandatory, a customer can opt out at any time. 




Do not agree to the "Smart" meter fitment, it is not about helping AGL in keeping costs down, it is about increasing profits by charging more at peak times and increasing AGL management  income !!!!!!

AGL Moderator

 Hi @Keeney

Thank you for your post. I am sorry to understand that you are not happy with smart meters. We have written up an article to avoid common misconceptions, which you can access here. One thing that you cannot mistake is that the amount you pay with an analogue meter will not change with a digital meter.


I hope this helps to answer some of those questions you have. 


Cheers, Jordan

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