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Service ineligible - 'Enter you own meter read'


After some very innaccurate monthly usage estimates, I received an extremely large bill upon the 3 monthly 'actual read'. 


Since then, I've been advised to submit my own meter reading on the AGL website each month. I have logged in today to do so, but whilst I can enter my own gas meter reading, my electricity meter reading is greyed out and says 'Service Ineligible'. 


I have tried call to have my meter readin entered manually by AGL, but call wait time seems very excessive, and there is no indicative wait time to speak to an operator. Please advise how I am supposed to enter my electricity meter reading if the site won't let me. 


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Hi @npw


Thank you for leaving this post and apologies for the inconvenience that you have had. 

When entering your own meter read via the app or My Account, you will be able to do this as often as once per day. This issue should be resolved for you shortly, but in the meantime, our service team  will be available at any time to help you with this, You can reach them here.


Thank you for your help and patience with this.

Cheers, Dave.

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I am getting the same error since last week when I try to enter meter read. I have been doing this without an issue for a long time, does not know why it stopped working suddenly.


Appreciate any help.


Best Regards, 


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AGL Community Manager

Hi @maluthbaduge , that sounds odd. No changes to your meter in that time? If this issue is still persisting, please shoot me a private message (click my name) with your account details, and I'll follow it up for you.

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Hi David, 


Thanks for getting in touch. 

The issue was resolved a couple of days back after contacting AGL anytime support chat.

I  was able to update meter reads as normal through the web portal afterwards.


Cheers !


Kind Regards,