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Seniors rebate Qld


I have a seniors card in Qld as I have turned 65, my wife is 63 and has a Qld seniors business card (we are not pensioners). Our electricity account is in her name, do we have to change the account into my name to be able to claim the Qld government seniors rebate or can we do it with the account in her name? The property is in joint names.



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Hi @Fog1255


Thanks for your post and welcome to the Community. 


Unfortunately the Queensland Government Seniors Business card is not eligible for any concessions rebates.


Please see the eligible and ineligible cards listed below. 


Eligible cards:

  • Queensland Government State Seniors cards
  • Centrelink Pensioner cards
  • DVA Pensioner, War Widow and TPI cards
  • Centrelink Health Care cards (Electricity only)

Ineligible cards:

  • Queensland Government Seniors Business cards
  • Commonwealth Senior Health cards
  • DVA Specific cards
  • DVA Dependant cards
  • DVA Gold EDA cards

You can find out all about the concessions eligibility in Queensland via this link. To receive the concession rebate (once you are eligible) you would need to change the account into your name. 







My wife and I both have full Qld. Seniors Cards and we would like to add the numbers to our account.

Can't find where to do it on the net, can't find an email on my account pages, and have wasted so much time getting to here...

As I am now cranky... how do I register for any benefits from these cards with your organisation?