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Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

Remote Energy Meter Read Wrong or perhap meter faulty


Hi everyone,



 Energy usage from my "Smart meter" display is far lower than the remote read of AGL since I found from AGL mistake on my bill (wrong calculation). I made an inquiry and email them how and why there is big gap different ? I got few answer back from AGL that " "WE ARE NOT ACCEPT CUSTOMER READ" because this is a SMART METER. The data will be sent to use every 15mins ..


Fact :

There are instruction how to read your Smart Meter:



I took photo and periodly recorded and the evidence clearly showed less usage than remote read. Sent to AGL and Powercor


Action :

1/ I emailed Powercor to get them involved to this case since they are AGL suppler. As Powercor suggestion, I need to contact AGL and asked AGL to contact Powercor for further investigation due to at the end, the power bill will be adjust if there is a case of faulty meter.

2/ After awhile, I emailed AGL again for seeking an answer. They replied me again that the meter could not be read by customer and data based on their remote read. I found AGL statement that represent an case that against Australian Consumer Law. 

3/ Powercor keep telling me to contact AGL .



This is a loop investigation, I need a clarificaiton of how the smart meter display is different from the data of remote read. If so, an exist of instruction "How to read your smart meter" is nonsence ! Otherwise, I need to take a further action to logde my complaint to Ombusman if required.







Hi 83home

Just a heads up, it took me 3 months to get my account sorted due to no readings once the smart meter was installed and several billing errors.


All the best with your issues.


What was the problem at the end of the day?


I am having a problem with my smart meter, tarrif and billing as well. It has been 6 months! A number of phone calls repeating the same story to different people, all ending with,  "it will take up to 10 business days


AGL Moderator

Hi Alc799,


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I am sorry to hear you have had this experience. I would encourage you to check the read type under the "Usage" tab. If it says estimate, this could be why your bill projection or cost-to-date may be different to what you have expected.


Although we definitely try to resolve any questions we can through the community here, it's no the best place for addressing account-specific issues like yours could be.


If you get in touch with our dedicated team either via messenger in My Account or via the AGL App under the support tab, they will be able to assist with this.


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i agree its a loop. 

ive now contacted regulator, operator,nmi, tech regulator, retailer, distributor, ombudsman. And none have been able to explain why when australian standard has power voltage as 230v  and tariffs from dist set at 230v wwhy then is usage calculated on sample taken rather then set v o ltage of 230v same as old meters set at 240v


none have argued against apart from retailer. so ive called the retailer a fraud and want there ceo arrested. which is what they are doing fraud.  ask your retailer why they dont calculater usage at 230v