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Re:my solar panels and y don't i receive much money for 10 panels that i have i basicly receive each


I receive for 10 solar panels the same as others  receive the same as if i had 2 solar panels y is this?


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Hi @Yerasimo. Thanks for the post and welcome to the Community. 


You might find this link interesting to another Community post about solar generation in winter.


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Good morning,


When you say receive, I assume your referring to the feed in Tariff, if so, a lot depends on your use etc. I did post previous one a while ago but will re-write it for you, I have 22 panels and can easily generate 5kw peak and on a given day can generate up to 40Kwh, average perhaps over 20Kwh daily, considering in SA we get 6.8c FIT I prefer to use all I can generate each day, as a for instance I keep the AIRCON on most all the day, I change my old Carrier gas guzzler 6.5Kw to a very modern Daikin inverter which mostly runs the whole house and it's not a small house, with all outlets open, running well under 2Kw, often 1.5Kw.


Today and yesterday our weather was up to 36C so by the time it got to evening the house was very cool, maintaining that coolness was very economical.


In other words, perhaps you using all you can produce, like me, perhaps the peron with 2 panels so to speak or whatever your comparing with does not use what they generate.


I'm sure if you supply more info on how you arrive at 10 panels versus say 2, the AGL solar guys can look at it for you, the AGL app can also provide daily usage on what you generate versus what you use etc. so you can do your own stats.




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