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Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

Program to analyse smart meter data.



Is there a program I can use to feed in my smart meter download to analyse power useage and compare it to my bill?





Just to update I have now created a program to automatically convert the AGLUsage.csv file into NEM format. (AGL2nem)

This allows you to import the data into my MeterRead program.

Which in turn allows you to view your daily usage and current Smart Meter readings

Result reports produced in Report.csv and Report.txt.

Below is Report.CSV file. I deleted the report section for Controlled Load as I do not use it

The program does report it see the TXT file under this....


Above is the Report.Txt file including the Controlled load section.


Please note that I have deleted the rows for Controlled Load as I do not use that part of the meter at this moment.


The program is completely configurable by use of a Config,cfg file.

It has 9 commands that you can enable and\or set output.

Including commands to set reporting start and end dates, Meter readings for your start date, naming your meter types, adding an amount to your reports (in case a day is missing) etc etc.


The EXE files are huge (only for Windows at the Moment).


Both are less than 5k each and are stand alone windows programmes.

Only tested on Windows 10 (Why would anyone not be using it now)??







Hi Neil,

That looks great.

Where can I download it from.



AGL Community Manager



Thanks for sharing your work on this!

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If you send me a private message I will supply a link for you to download the programmes.

I have not fully documented them but have written stuff in the config file for the MeterRead programme.


The AGL2Nem programme is self running as long as you are using your Download (folder\directory) in your home folder in Windows.


If for some reason you are not I can write the programme to suit your \Download dir ( ie this is the Folder\Dir that when you click download in your favourite Web browser files are downloaded to)


No I am not advocating Windows, just think that people running Linux can manage by themselves.


The programmes can run in Linux but have not bothered to do so.


Both of the programmes are self cleaning. When you use them they will clean up the Download Dir|Folder and only leave the latest file there.


Anyway send me a message (third icon Next to your username on the screen) and we can communicate,

Cheers Neil





Sounds awesome @NeilC ! Will pm you for download location.