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Bit concerned and confused as to why our electricity bill for 2 people is 4x more expensive then it has been over the last 3 years that I have been a customer. $760 for 2 people is an absolute flop and the fact I was not made aware of the price increase from 

$0.29 for general usage to $0.289 

$0.14 for controlled load 1 to $0.1397

thats a joke. General usage alone is what our average bill for 3 months is. 

If I had of known about such a rise in pricing I would have shopped around and chosen somewhere cheaper that actually tells there customers about increases. 


Also there’s no pay on time discount?? I specifically signed up with you guys for the 28% pay on time discount you offered. Really considering finding someone else. 


AGL Moderator

Hi Jesshollier,


Thank you for your post.


The price change that occurred in NSW from 1/7/2018 was a price decrease. The formatting of these rates in a dollar figure may be the cause of confusion in this case, however putting in the figures in cents to change was as follows:

  • General Usage: 29c/kWh to 28.9c/kWh
  • Controlled Load 1: 14c/kWh to 13.79c/kWh

If you'd like us to take a closer look at your bill and clarify how your discounts have been applied, then please send through a private message and we'll be happy to help wherever we can!

Kind regards,




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