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Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

Payment extension


If I request an extension on my bill, which amount is to be paid? For example if my bill for $100 is due on the 1st and the overdue amount is $120. If I request a 7 day extension, the bill is now due on the 8th. Does that mean I still pay $100 as the due date has been extended?


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If you apply for a an extended due date, then you will need to pay the 'Total due' amount listed on your bill. The discounted amount is only applicable if the bill is paid by the original due date printed on the bill.


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Hi to agl.  


I would like to continue electricity $150 fortnightly and $50 fortnightly as of 31/03/2020. 

Im very sorry with delay. I suffer for meducal condition anxiety. I am medsaging to ask please approve my request as i hope you will not disconnect. I have ask my bendigo bank to please reduce my credit card monthly pays as my part time job has stop with this virus. 

Thank you so much for your time and will wait your reply in email. 

Robert Scott 

AGL Moderator

Hi robdog1962! 

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I've edited your original post to remove your personal details on this public post. You can set up bill smoothing on your AGL My Account here or you can visit our website here for more payment options. 


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