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Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

Paying via bank account - security?


I noticed that when using the pay via bank account option all you need to do is enter an account name, bsb and account number. Presumably after this AGL deduct the bill amount from that account.


Is there something on the bank side that prompts to ask for permission to deduct the funds? Otherwise what's to stop someone entering anyone's bsb/account number and having the funds deducted from their account?


AGL Moderator

Hi coolcat8000,


Thank you for your post!

We're not really in position to confirm or deny what sort of security protocols certain banks have in place, and it may be worth double checking with your financial institution if this is something that is in place for your accounts.


The reality is is that there is nothing stopping someone from doing this if another parties details were to fall into the wrong hands, so as is always the case, it's important that we're all conscious of the security and accessibility of our personal information and privacy to ensure that this doesn't occur. You can find more information about protecting your privacy online here.


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