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Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

Overcharged Gas Bill


Hello everyone,


I was wondering if you could please clarify something for me.


I live in a 2BR unit with 1 other person, and we don't have gas cooking... my quarterly bill came to $330.19 and the one before was 160.60 (when we were both away for a month)...


We always thought it was due to high gas costs in NSW but speaking to others, it seems that we are being overcharged... when we first moved into our unit a couple years ago, nobody came to read the meter, and nobody has come to read the meter then... so how does AGL know that they are charging the correct amount?


Would appreciate any assistance here, thank you.

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AGL Moderator

Hi @hello123, welcome to the Community! 


It sounds like you may be receiving estimate reads and have restricted access to your meter. If this is the case, we recommend that you manually enter your meter readings to ensure your billing is accurate. You are able to do this via your online account, where you can enter as many reads as you like, up to a maximum of 1 read per day. Here is a great post that explains how to enter your reads.


If you do wish to discuss this further with us, our web chat team is ready to assist you 24/7. 





I am myojinkim who are living xxxx

I paid electricity fee 2times more

Can you check and refund?




AGL Moderator

Hi myojinkim, 


Welcome to AGL Community! 

I've edited your post for the protection of your personal details. If you've made multiple payments to your account, please get in contact with us so we can check that for you. 


Kind regards, 




 Late on the 15/12/2019 at approximately 12.49 am I entered into a chat with an operator on their SMS LINE. Firstly after three hours I was no further advanced than when I started. I called because my bills in the last two quartes jumped from $75 per quarter to $135 per quarter(approximately).I could not explain the increase but was told amongst other things that the bills had increase on 1/07/2019. extraordinary that they would on both occasion increase by nearly 85% .The conversation took 3 hours and concluded at 3 am. during the conversation I was told I probably I had more occupants in the house ,was using more gas. Also I was told to send a photograph of the meter. Not once during the conversation did the operator offer anything constructive like we will send someone out to check the device or there was a possibility that they were wrong in their calculation. The person took  what I believe to be the company line and through the blame on me the consumer. After three hours of frustration the conversation was ended. I have never been treated like this by any service provider and they have always tried to placate the position and solve the position. The final straw was when the operator said that I should hire a technician to come out and check the device. I have a copy of the transcript which reflects what I have set. The operators final comments were I should contact their resolutions team to finalise the matter. I say what was he trying to do. I know follow the company line. I am sorry but thought that AGL was a reputable company however my confidence has been shaken after my last experience.


my bills have always been in the black since 2002 with AGL, now in new place since April 22nd, 2020 they have gone from in the black to impossible highs and the red? Impossible! So here is my proof, 

thank you Peter (Bastion) in Ultimo.

AGL Moderator

Hi Bastion1722, I have edited the post to remove the link, as this included your personal details. So we can assist with your billing issues, please get in touch via Messenger in My Account or the AGL App.