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I received my first electricity bill which for $4.80. At first, I was told it was too small to worry about for this billing period. Then I received you must pay soon, finding out by going in to my A/C that it was by August 15 or penalty charges would apply. I read the meter and clarified your (AGL's) assessment. They were the same (according to you online calculator). So I proceeded to pay - but I found that I cannot pay less than $10 online except by paypal. So I used my debit card and paid $10 but although I have a receipt to show I paid $10 I do not see any credit for the extra I paid on my account. Do you add that credit (is it processed) later?


Thank you.




AGL Moderator

Hi RichardJGuthrie,


Thank you for your post!


If you've paid $10 against a debt of $4.80, you should expect to see a credit of $5.20cr brought forward on your next bill.


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