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Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

Over $1000 in credit, I use less than $1 a day.




You sent a bill to me today telling me to pay my bill. And that you can't reach me by email. It's been years since you've sent anything to me.


It turns out that payment wasn't required. I'm over $1000 in credit. My usage averages at .87 cents a day.


I'm a disability pensioner and could do with some money. Can I have my money? Can I pay you less every fortnight?





Hey @owl


You can absolutely have your credit refunded to you, it also sounds like you might be on bill smoothing, so our team can certainly discuss lowering that amount perhaps. Come chat with our billing team here and we'll sort it out for you.


Hi there @Nathan,


I rang up and sorted it - I don't use bill smoothing but I pay $22 a fortnight via centrepay directly from my disability pension. My fortnightly usage is about $9.


Apparently AGL cannot change my payment amount for me.


I was able to get some of my credit back in a cheque that will arrive sometime next year. There are no banks to clear that cheque in my town, so I will hopefully get that money back by the end of January 2018.




I realise that my reply is more than a little late (about 1.5yrs) but i still wanted to post it incase of future enquiry's of the same nature.  So here go's... If u r paying a bill via centerpay from a centerlink payment, and u want to cancel or change the payment amount,  u have to do it through centerpay. U can set it up to continue payments indefinitely or to stop once a certain amount has been reached or to make the payments of a bigger/smaller amount, So If using centerpay, the same way u set it up is the same way u un-set it. It's your responsibility not the company ur paying the bill to. Good luck to all. 😜

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AGL Community Manager

@Leeshaaa36 thanks for the response! Hopefully that info is useful to some folks here. 🙂

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