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Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

Online account usage doesn't show solar


The new online account doesn't show solar export in the daily usage graphs.

The old my AGL IQ used to show solar export.

Are there any plans to include solar in the new usage graphs?



Hi Atwitzend

Yes clever trick.

It seems that the system is not set up to service the users, just put them off.

I have another interesting situation developing. ;.

The system indicated that my first bill was due on the 5th of Feb.

On the 5th the notifications were will be issued soon.

Now the system says my first bill will be issued on the 27th.

One would wonder why such change occurs however I am a net producer of power in summer and expect a decent credit, I guess that they want to avoid paying me.


Yes at the end of the first period I did shift to monthly bills and perhaps it did confuse their system but I am considering returning to EA for my power,at least the billing and consumption was visible and I could get answers.   Are you aware of a govt ombudsman where I can take my complaints. and get this resolved?



Yep, I think you have got it right Dave!


You can go to the The Energy and Water Ombudsman Queensland (EWOQ) but you may want to Google them and have a look at the Google reviews that have been made, it seems that the EWOQ is on the side of the retailers like AGL and actively try to shut down complaints.


One of the reviewers says . . . "but don't bother with the Ombudsman as they will just quote an Act and dismiss it ! Go straight to OAIC and Aust Energy Regulator !" which may very well be good advice.


Like I said previously, don't be holding your breath!


 Hi Thanks for the heads up but here is the latest,

In the time it took to post my question the account turned up in the system and it looks correct to my calculations so at least that part of the puzzle worked.  

I now have the usage displayed for both bought and sold and it is very close to my daily records ( probably due to the timing of the readings)  so I am getting more confident that I can trust the data. Seems that they have issue the first bill before the account is fully active

I am not sure if it helps me control my usage as it is retrospective but my local monitoring system is better for that. Certainly the data says with the current costing it is not worth going off the grid.


Thanks for giving me somewhere to vent my frustration and thanks to Jayden, looks like the issues are resolved.


So Dave goes away happy! Good for him!!


So AGL, when am I going to get access to my solar info?


I can now see my usage without errors or workarounds, but there is no reference to solar in the usage screens. If I download the raw data the solar info is there, why not in the GUI?




 Hi Atwitzend

Don't think that I am being treated special,

All data stopped after the last email, nothing on the usage graph since the 8th Feb so the system is not very effective or useful.