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Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

Online Account Access

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Is it AGL's intention to stick with the one time codes when accessing your account online or are you going to allow people to set up passwords? I see there's an option to set up passwords but every time I try I get an error message even though all 3 criteria are met


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And when eventually you can access your account you can look forward to:

1. No way of checking if your direct debit details are correct or changing them

2. No idea of when your bill will arrive because the dates constantly change


I'm still waiting for a bill to be issued to see if my direct debit actaully works but after that first one is paid I'm going back to Kleenheat. These clowns are just a waste of space

AGL Moderator

Hey Doreen,


We're going to reach out with a private message so that we can get this issue resolved for you!


Kind regards,



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Well AGL have had another go at this and I still can't login with a password, getting a code by email is way too much trouble on the phone so I've junked the app and will use a PC for online access.

I've got no idea why this is so hard to sort out but apprently it is.



Just reflects AGL.

Always a problem, why did you bother changing? The whole app is useless! Shows you nothing! You certainly have patience.

I have difficulties logging in to my agl online account. I have registered my email address and agl account number, but I haven't set up my password yet and I couldn't. Because everytime I'm trying to log in with my email, they always ask for my agl account number and when I enter my account number they said that it has already registered for online account. 

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Hi @feldantani


Our web chat team can absolutely help you with this! Come have a chat with us here.


I totally agree with you!

I wonder if we can use that line

"a glitch" is why we've not paid the bill?

They seriously are a complete joke!