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Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

Notifying AGL of switching providers


MY gas and electricity account is XXXX. My name is XXXX at XXXX. I sent an email(3 Aug 2017) to your company giving my 20 business day notice that I am switching providers. The reply came today with no direct acknowledgment of my notification. I am quite willing to send you my email and the reply as an attachment.(How would I do this?) I was not impressed. The email was sent by Jayden (A127518). He simply said the switch usually comes at the end of a 3 month billing cycle. This was not stipulated in my new agreement / Electricity and Gas Plan Summary established in Dec. 2016(12month plan). I refer you to "Other Important Information"found on page 2.

What I want is a proper acknowledgment so I will have no further financial obligations to you except to pay the portion of my gas and electricity owing when I switch. Would you please see to this and reply. Thank you, Tim Blick


AGL Moderator

Hi @tblicktpgcom,


Thank you for your post and for notifying us of your move, well in advance!


I am sorry to hear that the transition didn't go as smoothly as you hoped, but there is a reason for this. Despite your diligence, we cannot accept confirmation of switching providers from our customers via email. This is because we would need to confirm your forwarding address, general contact information and to quote any fees applicable for the change. (Not to say we can't do this via email. So I've taken down the feedback, and hopefully we can improve this process!) 


The contact options available to you, to close down your account, would be to call us, or to speak to our service team via webchat here:


However, rest assured that we will definitely take into account the fact that you emailed us in advance, and will close your account on the original date requested. 


We are committed to providing quality service, and hope you'll excuse us for letting you down on this occassion. We are also very sorry to see you go, but look forward to hearing from you soon! 🙂



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