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No notification of bill changes in July


I just received my bill from AGL and saw the new prices. Although I expecting some price hike due to what I had seen on the new, I was not notified of this as per the terms of my market contract, sent to me when I signed up. 


"Your Market Contract has no fixed term and includes variable rates, which can change at any time with notice to you."


I am not so frustrated by the price rise, but more so by the new Market Contract doesn't give discounts for consumption as per below.



Electricity usage per annum Unit GST excl. GST incl.

Peak First 4000 kWh c/kWh 25.11 27.621

Next 4000 kWh c/kWh 24.38 26.818

Thereafter c/kWh 19.01 20.911

Supply charge c/day 78.57 86.427



Electricity usage Unit GST excl. GST incl.

Peak c/kWh 29.00 31.900

Supply charge c/day 84.00 92.400


Is AGL allowed to change the sliding rate of my contract rather than just the prices?

Is the change in my contract illegal if I wasn't notified in advance?





AGL Moderator

Hi @Damien,


Thank you for reaching out to us, and sincere apologies for the confusion caused with this notification.


These letters are often sent out to our customers, and there is clearly room for improvement in the wording that is used. Based on the information you have included below, it looks like we initially quoted you for a duel tariff meter, when you actually have a single-tier meter at your residence. This happens occasionally, since that information is not 100% on our end. As a result, we are obliged to notify you of this change in base rate, since the base rate for either meter type are different. However, the discount that you were offered when signing up to this plan should still be applied to these other rates. 


To confirm that this is the case, please get in touch with one of our service specialists via chat here.


I hope this helps to answer some of your questions. Please don't hesitate in reaching out if anything else comes up.


Sincerely, Jordan

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