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No actual reading on electricity bill


Just received my first full quarter bill (87 days) and nearly fell over.  I have noticed there are 3 meters noted on my bill. 2 meter numbers are only differ by one digit and third one is completely different numbers.  We thought the usage is unbelievable started monitoring the meters everyday. 


First of all,  there are only two meters in my meter box I wonder how AGL got the third meter number.  Second of all, after monitoring for 3 days, our usage is way less than what AGL says we are using yet the bill says actual.   Worst of all the bill itself doesnt provide the numbers of previous reading and current reading which is weird.  And when my husband called today, your customer service officer actually was telling him insisting an agent came to our property read the actual meter therefore the readings must be right.  Well, these are smart meters I have highly suspect someone actually came.


AGL Moderator

Hey Sherwood,


Thanks for getting in touch! 


At AGL, we're committed to ensuring that our customers have total confidence in the accuracy of their billing! I'd just like to clarify a few general points from your post:

  • In NSW, there are certain type of meters that are not billed using 'meter readings', so to speak.
  • Alternatively, AGL are advised by your distributor that you have used X amount of power between date Y and date Z, and we generate your bill using these figures.
  • These meters are still manually read and are not considered 'smart' meters, meaning that a meter reader does need to physically attend your property to read the meter as your meter does not report data remotely.

If you'd like us to follow up on things further, we'd encourage you to get in touch with our web chat team ( who'll be happy to assist you further!


Kind regards,



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