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Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

No Bill Provided


So, having just been signed up to AGL, with a 42% on time payment, i was surprised to find that no actual bill has been sent via email to me.  I called, as I got an SMS telling me that a bill was due.  After much carry on and waiting at Call center the nice young man confirmed that an email was sent to me, however checking my spam filter on that day no bill was evident.   No problem says the man, we will email it now, and also to another email address.  30 minutes later - no bill in either address.


please don't apologize - just tell me what steps you will take to contact me to make sure that your emails that you claim to have sent are actually coming to me.  I would hate to lose my 42% discount on the basis that your email did not actually come to me - when I complain will you say, "...of course that's our fault, we will amend your bill?"




AGL Moderator

Hi Greg75,


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It's disappointing to hear that you've found it so difficult to obtain a copy of this bill. Can I please confirm if you've attempted to log into your online account here to view this particular bill? 

If you'd like us to take a closer look at things for you, please send me a private message with your account details.


Kind regards,



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