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New Gas installation delays




I am a current new Customer of AGL (although I do not anticipate being a long-term Customer) who is waiting for a gas installation. I have spoken to representatives from AGL for over 2 months now (bi-weekly) to follow this up. Every time I speak to a representative I have been provided with different information. I submitted an application on 22 December and have been waiting to understand when my gas will be connected. I have now been advised from AGL that Jemena has been unable to make me an appointment as the site is not clear. I was never advised that the site needed to be clear. I was only advised 2 weeks ago that I needed to provide a clear path from the street to the where the meter will be connected. I am moving into my house in 2 weeks and do not have any resolution. I would really like to speak to someone in Australia.


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I'm sorry to hear that your recent experiences with AGL have been fraught such frustration. I've sent through a private message with some information that may be of further assistance.


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Like Lidia we are trying to arrange new gas connection to a new property we have purchased.  We even had an appointment time on 31 August and stayed around all day - but no one arrived.  Phoned AGL and said that someone should have been there and they would text back with a definite time.  No one sent a text nor contacted us.  When we phone, we just get the same answers but nothing happens. Not happy with the service but have no choice when trying to get a new connection.  Does anyone know if Origin is better??


I have the similar experience too! The gas connection is confirmed to be done on 26 Sep, but it is cancelled without any prior notice because of the MRIN was not matching with the national meter database and they were unable to receive the gas meter number from your end. It is not Customer’s fault so why customer needs to bear the consequences.


i called them and used online messaging to talk with them, but useless... keep saying normal procedure have to take 3 business days but not take exceptional care on exceptional case. It is different to live without gas to cook and have a warm bath nowadays.


so nothing.. NOTHING can be done! They don’t take the responsibility to help! Very disappointed!! I don’t recommend AGL!