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Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

My gas Bill OVERPRICE !!!!


Hi guys, I received my Gas bill $2,157,80 . After Discount $1,677.75 and our usages 68884.93 MJ from this bills  The bills was overloaded from previous bills.

Our previous bills was $129.94 ( We paying every monthly ).

We only 4 people and living in apartment , we aren't using A/C , even Heater. We tried to give them call and one of operator explain to us , the bills come up high because from 15 month ( 11 May 2018 ) they didn't received the reading meter from our premises so they only give us estimation how much gas we are using it.

i Said to them : If they didn't record the right meter reading , it wasn't our fault !!! that problem was from Company who they are hire from check meter reading. we are only customer to use their services !!!!!!!!!!!


That ridiculous and not make senses for excuses ?????!!!!! 


We are living in here since July 2017. We asked them question : Why from July 2017 to 11 May 2018 , we haven't any problem with gas meter reading...????? they can't give answer !!!! 


I give them our meter this month which is 0977 + 0299 = 1,276 . 

Now we waiting on the phone with them , I been waiting 1 hour and 17 minute on hold, what a joke !!!! really unprofessional and not good Company .