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Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

My bill


I just received my bill and it is an absolute joke! 

we are a family of two adults and an infant (so basically the child doesn't even count yet!)

my bill is a whopping $450.10 and if paid early, discounted to $403.32


what the actual F#@K

they cannot be serious in thinking I'm willing to pay this. every single time I get a bill it goes up by about $100. me and my partner are never home at the same time so its basically one person in the house at a time and we do not use this much. its due in two weeks. 


what can I do about this, I don't think I should willingly pay it because I know next time it will be $500! they always put it up because they expect us to just keep paying it. I will be changing companies after this bull**bleep**. I've called and complained before because our bill is always high for two people and we barely use it. 

even if I complain they will just say again 'thats low for two people' like they said last time which was when it was $100 cheaper and I still think its a joke. I know families of 5 that only pay $300.



AGL Moderator

Hi SJM17,


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I'm sorry to hear that you've seen such a steep increase in your bills. Given you've seen this increase in your usage throughout winter in conjunction with the fact that you've recently added a number to the family, is there any possibility that you've been using a gas heater? Especially more often than you were in previous billing periods which would've covered the summer period?


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