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My Gas useage



I recived my Gas bill fr the last 3 months which has been through summer


This is important because I thought my Gas only supplied my heater, naturally I havent used my heater during summer at all.

So I didn't expect to have any gas useage or at least very little but going through the daily useage on my bill it looks as if I've hardly changed my useage from when it was colder


Does my gas also suply other parts of my unit, like the water heating, or is it just the gas heater I'm paying over $100 for not using this season?


AGL Moderator

Hey Caity,


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As your energy retailer, we unfortunately do not have visibility of which appliances are using gas and which aren't. However, if you haven't used your heater and you've still registered gas usage, it is likely that your gas is also being used to heat your water. To double check this, we recommend that you run this question past any relevant management/maintenance  people for your complex!


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