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Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

My Billed meter reading was different to the Actual Meter reading


My last gas account for the period from 31 AUG 2017 to 24 NOV 2017 ( 86 Days ) depicted as an ACTUAL read on the bill was incorrect. The End Read figure was tabled at the figure of 836.I have been requested to tender a photo of my Meter / Reading which I have provided and clearly shows a reading figure of 743 ( taken 27 DEC 2017)  Also I was overseas for 51 out of the 86 Billing days between 5 SEPT to 25 OCT. 2017 with the property un-occupied for any gas to be consumed.


AGL Moderator

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I can appreciate that receiving an incorrect bill is an incredibly frustrating experience, but it is good to hear that you've already taken steps to help us resolve this for you! If there is anything that you'd like us to follow up on, you can get in touch with our web chat team here.


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