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Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

Moving my AGL account with me


I called and arranged to move with AGL and was advised that my current account and fortnightly payments would continue the same as the previous 2 years without extra charge or variation to billing dates.

Now I have received harassing phone calls regular messages, emails and a new letter of demand for immediate payment or disconnection????

What is going on between the moving Dept and the billing, collections and disconnections team? I was happy with AGL before this, but after this crap and abuse, I'm starting to search other providers!!!





Morning Travis,


In the past I have found with AGL that the left hand goes in unison with the right hand, it's just sometimes you need to get lucky with the right person who takes an interest and follows through, this forum tends to find those people so, hopefully today a moderator here will ask you to private message them direct with you account number etc. so they can better help you. It has worked for me and others many times.!!


AGL are by no means perfect but when it comes to changing retailers it's not always for the best or straight forward, in your case you say you have been with them a few years, perhaps it's better the devil you know.




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Retired AGL Moderator

Hi @Travis. Sorry to hear about this frustrating experience with your move and bill smoothing. There is a great article about bill smoothing here on the Community you can find it here


In your situation, when you arrange a move out your active bill smoothing plan actually cancels and we usually suggest to get back in touch with AGL post move to arrange a new bill smoothing plan at your new house. The reason why bill smoothing cancels when you move as electricity consumption can differ between addresses. 


If you would like us to look into your account and see what is happening, please send a private message with your account details and we can investigate.