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Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

Meter reading not done on account closure


Since my account started in Sept 2014, my account has been estimation only.

In Oct 2015, I started to push for a actual reading as I was planning on leaving my residnce (a unit in a complex).

Phone calls to meter reading complaints dept have been to no avail - the meter reader has to turn a door knob but chooses not to.

I was assured that when I left my residence, due to finishing rental lease, it would be read as 'it has to be an actual reading on account closure' - well, that never happened I've again been given a estimte on departure bill.

I even emailed the meter location, with photos, to AGL - again to no avail.

Next week, I'll be on the phone to the ACCC and am sure I will still need to pay my bill (which I will do so as not to be defaulted).

I have left the area and have no access to my unit anymore.

Am pretty disgusted with the system currently in place - but have little choice.



Hey @Johngee, very sorry to hear about this situation. Can you please leave us your contact information via our secure webform? Our team will follow up with you ASAP to look in to this.



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