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Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

Meter charging more than im using? Has a fault? Something has to be wrong!


So I got my latest bill yesterday. $655.97 !!!!  Now before I hear the usual "oh many bills are that high" Let me explain a few things.


Last Bill - $330.03

Usage - 771 KW

During this bill period I was using my air con on cool pretty much EVERY day.

I was on holidays for 3 and a half of these weeks from work, and was home for this time, so obviously home more, using stuff around the house like air con, ect more.



This bill - $655.97

Usage - 1724.979 KW !?!

During this bill period, I have been at work the entire time, and do not get home until around 6pm, get changed and go to the gym until 8-8.30pm.

I have used the air con 7 times on heat, for approx. 1.5 - 2 hours a night. (so less usage than last bill period)


EVERYTHING else I do / use at home is the same, I have no new appliances, am not using anything anymore than I have in the months for the previous bill, in fact I have used the air con less and am at home less.


The ONLY difference is - at the END of the last billing cycle, the meter was replaced with a new "smart meter"


The app is showing that I am using between 19 - 23 KW a day!!

How this is possible when I live alone and am not home between 8am and 8pm is beyond me.


The usage has more than doubled since my last bill. I questioned the "projected bill amount" about 6 weeks ago by calling AGL and saying there is no way this could be correct, and was told not to worry about it until the bill comes.


In my house, I use the following for electricity -

1 waterbed

1 TV

1 stereo / dvd system

1 Chest Freezer

1 Fridge (less than 2 years old, start rating of 299 kw per YEAR)

1 Set top box

1 Modem

1 electric jug (boiled maybe 3 times a day)

Hot water system (shower once a day, twice in summer)

Stove / cooktop - I cook rarely, like once a week.


Laptops are only plugged in when I use them (hardly ever)

Phone charger - used at night

Microwave - used maybe once a month

Air con - hardly used this bill period, around 7 times for around 15 hours total.


The usage has more than doubled, and the "how much energy are you using" has gone from less than 1 person in the last bill, to more than 5 people in this bill!


The only change that I can see between the two bills, is the new "smart meter"

When I questioned this yesterday, on online chat, I was told "its a smart meter, the reading is correct"


What I want is for someone to explain to me, how my bill and usage has more than doubled with the only difference between these times is the new meter!

Oh and also why I have been charged $16.30 on the last bill for "meter test reconfigure - DR" (does not show what date this was done or any explanation of what this is and why it was done)

When I was told the meter is being replaced I was told by AGL there is no charge to me for this.


So AGL, can you actually give me more than a "its a smart meter, it is right" response??



AGL Moderator

Hi mj1,


Thanks for your post! 


I'm sorry to hear that you've dealing with these concerns as of late, and that we've done very little to help alleviate them. It sounds like you've done your homework here which is brilliant, but it very difficult for us to offer any helpful suggestions without taking a look at your account first. Please send me a private message with your account details so that we can take a deeper look at things and get back to you!


Kind regards,



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Hi Jayden,


I have just sent an email detailing all of the issues.


I hope this can be sorted and resolved quickly, and that I do not lose my "pay on time" discount whilst waiting for this to be reviewed. As you will be able to see by your records, all of my bills have always been paid within 3 days of receiving them and I have been a loyal AGL customer for many years.


Hi, did they ever fix your problem? I have just recieved my bill and its gone from 4 kw per day to 30 kw per day. I am on my own and use very little electricity




Hi Perla, 

nope. Never got an explanation on how I could possibly use so much electricity by myself when only home from 8pm -8am

I was advised to switch to off peak water to save money there, and was told I can get the meter tested if I like but if no issues show up I would have to pay for that. 


If you have not solved the problem go to your local library, they have a Home Energy Tool Kit that you can borrow.  You can use it to check how many KWH appliances use and compare this to your account.


I used it overnight on appliances like, fridge, freezer etc. from the reading you can work out how much they cost to run for 24 hours. Then I tested the small appliances like TV, Kettle, Washing Machine, Dryer, Dish Washer etc.


Had similar problem, double usage, had meter tested, supposedly tested 'correct' but after the 'test' usage went down. No explanation. My estimate - overcharged approx $800- $900.


What lights do you have? I recall reading a study on smart meters and that if you have LED lightbulbs they can play havoc with the meter creating false readings (typically higher).


I’d need to google it again to find it so you’ll probably get there quicker than me. 

It only was a problem in a subset of brands of meters. Some were fine.

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Heres why your bill has gone up. Its because of the way the @"smart meter" CALCULATES your usage. When i say calculate unlike an analog meter which had the wheel turn as you used the power and the total amount would just slowly tick up. Where as the "Smart Meter" will take a sample of the AMPS being used  know as  peak load (highest amount your using) at a preset amount of times during the length of the Intervals IE 15 minute interval may have 15 sample times 1 per minute it will then take the average of these AMPs . Note im saying AMPS  

say for instance of the 15 samples most are just minimum basic  use ie some light bulbs then during some it catches when the fridge motor turns on or washing machine. When u first turn these on there draw of AMPS is High but once going it drops  but the meter uses the highest at teh point in time. So if the base load was say 1 amp but when fridge starts it jumps to 9 but then settles back to 5. so for that 15 samples  it would be  1,1,1,9,5,1,1,9,5,1,1,1,1,1,1

they then take the averages of the peaks ie  1+9+5=15 then divide by 3 = 5 average they then X by 15 for the 15 samples = 75 amps

where as it should be a straight total 39

we can then divide by 15 to give an average  of 2.6


So true way gives 39 amps used

Smart meter way gives 75 amps used


Smart meter then uses standard formula to convert this to Watts/Kilowatts


Ask AGL which way there  meters a programmed Totalized or Peak Loads. I bet they wont answer because this info isnt supposed to be leaked

AGL Moderator

Hi Crapmeter! 


Welcome to AGL Community! 

Having a smart meter doesn't increase your usage, you can find more information about smart meters on our website:


Kind regards, 




Hi, I'm having exactly the same problem, except with my situation my existing smart meter (294850) was replaced with another smart meter (294856). Usage on the previous smart meter had an average daily usage of around 4.45kWh, however now my average daily usage is 24.24kWh.. huge difference!! Think I need to get in touch with the Energy Ombudsman, as it's been a few months and still no resolution.


Also, not sure if this makes a difference but our new smart meter is 3 phase 4 wire. We only have a small two bedroom home, so feel that this might not be the right meter for our home.