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Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

Last gas bill has doubled


Our latest gas bill has doubled and I can’t understand why. When reading the bill I notice this one has been charged as peak with no low peak charges. This is a first so I don’t know whether that has anything to do with it. We only have hot water and gas cook top in our place so the bill is normally low. I randomly customer service and got no answers all they were trying to do was sell me another plan. Very frustrating. I have started looking around now after being a AGL customer for ages. Anyone have the same problem


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Hi @Vicpic, thanks so much for being a customer of ours. I'm sorry to hear that your gas bill has doubled. This is very troubling, especially if your usage has not changed. However, we would need to have a closer look at your account to come to an understanding of what's happening, and how we can help. If you can contact us via: and include your account details, one of our customer team would be glad to look into this for you. Thanks, and hope we can resolve this for you soon! Dave.

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I have the same problem. 

Checking back over the past 18 months my bills have gone from about $30-50 then suddenly around May 2017 I was being charged a Peak Next on top of my Peak and this was sometimes charged twice and my bills are now between $80-$170+ depending on the season!

I queried the sometimes actual and estimate reads recently because I couldn't understand why my bills are so high now even allowing for annual increases. 

This was explained as they only actually read the meter once every 3 months so they estimate in between because they bill monthly now.


Still not happy with the monthly cost for household of 1 I have now looked back at my bills and noticed the sudden inclusion of 'peak next' charges last year.

Hence googling these charges, AGL seems to be only company name that comes up in the search.


Wished I'd noticed it sooner.

Why didn't AGL notify/explain these extra charges.


Definitely also looking around for an alternative.

Disappointing having been with them for 20 years in this house.

These charges need to be removed and credit paid.


I am in the same boat. I received my gas bill yesterday and found to my dismay that my average daily usage for the period 18 August and 16 November 2018 had increased from 41.21 mj for the same period last year to 75.75mj. There are 3 people in the house but we apparently used more gas than a house with 5 people. Our only gas appliances are a stove top, a small portable heater and a gas hot water service. I paid $143 for somebody to come out from Rheem and check the hot water service, which he found was operating correctly. I am mystified as to how we could have used twice as much gas over winter this years as we did in 2017. The only possibility is that last year we used our reverse cycle air conditioner for heating more often than we used the gas heater. I would like to be able to get copies of earlier bills so that I could compare the details. 

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Hi Kafka,


Thanks for your input!


I just wanted to butt in to let you know that you can access previous bills using our My Account service here.





If I’ve helped in anyway, please mark my post as SOLVED!

This helps our Community know the answer to common questions.


This is not  an uncommon issue. AGL do not directly employ meter readers, the job is sub-contracted to the meter supplier, in my instance SP AusNet. Meter readings are frequently not readings at all, only ESTIMATES, with the meter reader claiming that they could not gain access due to any number of reasons, locked gates etc.

Read your meter and submit the reading on-line

Most recent bill of approximately $380 reduced to $30 as a result of submitting a meter reading. 

I feel like asking for payment as I am doing the job that AGL pay a sub-contractor to do. An ongoing issue