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Joint names on accounts


Why is it that AGL is alone amongst energy providers in not allowing joint names on energy accounts. If other providers can do this why can't AGL?  It is offensive to our partners and joint owners that they are not included and is a hang over from the days when only (presumably the husband) was responsible for the household.  AGL needs to change and move with the times.  The response that it is a privacy issue is clearly incorrect as it is not a problem for other energy providers.



Why no response from AGL?  How do I escalate this request as the decision to not allow joint names on accounts is clearly an administrative decision which could be changed should AGL choose to do so. Could you please post the names of the female AGL Board members so that I can make the request direct to them.

AGL Community Manager

Hi @TonyM2 ,

The requirement to have only a single account holder name has unfortunately been a longstanding one. As a point of escalation, I'd encourage you to use the Complaints address or feedback form here:

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seems that this information may not be correct as this response from Ryan Bower (responding on behalf of Christine Corbett) and received today:  "Can you please let me know if you would like your partner added as an authorised contact and/or if you would like their name added to the account".

It seems that AGL does require that one person is financially responsible for an account but the invoice can be addressed to joint names.  Which was all I (and I suspect others in the past) have requested.


Tony Morrison


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