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Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

Joint Names/Accounts


AGL team,

has the issue been resolved of not being able to add multiple names to an issued invoice? 


As joint accounts are available at most other energy retailers. I'm not asking for an authorised person to be added, that is already completed. 


Why should 1 person in a household have the invoice in their name only. That makes zero sense. It's proof for rental applications, bank loans, home loans etc. 


What can be done to change this? Many threads ask this same question, with little to zero answers.


Please get back to me with a response about adding a secondary name to an invoice. 



AGL Community Manager

Hi @JordanS,


My understanding is that this has been recently addressed and you should be able to have an additional name appear on your bill, although there will still be only one nominated account holder.

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just to prove that it is possible attached screen shot of my first bill. Just took the intervention of a female CEO to have it implemented.


Tony M