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Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

Insane estimated bills


For some reason, I always get estimated bills, very badly estimated bills! I always have to ring and give the actual readings over the phone, I was on hold for 35 minutes and eventually my phone went flat tonight before I could speak to someone, I submitted the meter read via the app and it’s estimating my bill at 1500!! Something is clearly wrong on the back end somewhere, I even have photos of the meter readings three months ago and tonight! Is there someone who is able to actually check this out for me without me being on hold forever?



I have the same issue. Approx $20 per month for gas, the an estimated reading with a $200 bill for the month. When I call AGL they blame Jemena (the company that does the readings) and also say it is my fault for choosing monthly billing.

I wonder how many other customers have this issue?


There are numerous posts on here about this issue. Perhaps this is a good story for a Today Tonight or A Current Affair?


Here is a link for making a complaint to the Australian Engery Regulator. If AGL does want to resolve this issue perhaps the regulator can "assist" them with caring anout the issue.


AGL Moderator

Good morning RuthJones and Paul2046,


Thank you getting in touch regarding estimated bills!


At AGL, we're absolutely committed to ensuring our customers are billed both accurately and fairly. Unfortunately, there are sometimes scenarios outside of our control that mean accurate meter readings are not available. However, we have employed a number of billing initiatives over the past six months to help ease the pain that these incidents can cause.


So that we can have a look at this for you, you'll need to contact our web chat team directly at with an up to date meter reading, and we'll be more than happy to help where we can!


Kind regards,



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