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Incorrect gas bill


I have just moved from a 3 bedroom house into a small unit. I have always lived alone and the only gas I use in my unit is hot water for a daily shower. I do not cook at home and have no gas heating. My last 2 monthly gas bills in the house I lived in were $23.53 and $47.86. In the unit my billing cycle is quarterly and I have received a bill for $602. I called AGL to report that the metre reading on the bill did not match the reading on the metre and the bill was reduced to $400 but that still doesn't explain why my hot water usage in the house was between $70-$140 per quarter and suddenly my hot water usage in the unit is $400 per quarter. I am the same person, taking the same shower every day. I do my washing at the laundromat so showering and washing my breakfast dishes is the only gas I ever use. Absolutely nothing has changed in my gas usage habits other than the physical address changing within the same suburb to a smaller property? How do I get an explanation for this or get the metre checked out as my parents have a 3 person household with gas hot water, gas cooking and 2 gas log fires running almost continuously as they are home all day and their gas bill is under $400 per quarter! Please let me know what my next step should be to resolve this.


AGL Moderator

Hi davidjg,


Thank you for your post!


If you're being billed monthly, then there is a good chance that a number of your previous bills were based on estimated readings. If this is the case, then I'd suggest that your previous bills were underestimated and now that you've been billed using a correct read, that your most recent bill is higher to unfortunately atone for these previous underestimations. 


If you'd like us to double check this, please send me a previous message and we'll be happy to help wherever we can!


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