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Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

Incorrect gas bill (hot water again)


Hi guys,


Would someone advise on how to make AGL to give me the correct bill.


My partner and I just moved to a new apartment.

A month ago AGL sent us a gas bill for the first 13 days.

It appears (they believe) we spent almost 21,4 m3 of hot water ( with conversion factor of 0.2655 it gives 5681MJ) in 13 days!

I don't even want to talk about that it is a ridiculous number. We are a couple of 2 and AGL bills us for a family of 20.


I talked to AGL support over web chat 3 times. 2 times they apologysed, cancelled the bill and promised to issue a correct bill later again. both timesweI received the same incorrect bill.

third time the support person wanted to call me and explain how they calculated the bill.


The thing is just I know exactly how they calculated the bill and that's why every time I talk to those useless people I don't ask for any explanaitions but ask them just to fix the bill.


My meter shows qubic meters of water used (or 1000 liters) and AGL multiplies it by 10. With that they request me to pay for the gas 10 times more than I have consumed


Guys, what else can I do dispite of moving to another provider?


People at webchat support are useless, I have resords of all of my talks with them. They are just not helping.





is there any news?




I am experiencing this as well. I am now considering moving to another provider. This is just ridiculous! Image hot water bill at $475 a quarter...