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Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

Incorrect Gas Bill (wrong reading hot water)




we have just recently moved out from our previous apartment and received a gas bill for last 3 months (65days).

I was in absolute shock to find out the usage of hot water in our small 2 bedroom unit of 2 people living in there.


The new bill and usage for last 3 months was 10 times higher than previous period. We have used approx. 2.930MJ for previous period on hot water and based on this recent bill we have used now 23.000MJ which is technically even impossible to use that much hot water.


I have been on the phone to the resulotion team for more than 20 mins and they would not accept their mistake even you can find the same scenario issue across other 20+ discussions.


I would appeciate if someone who actually got this resolved recently could advise how to deal with these **bleep**?


Many thanks,



AGL Employee

Hey there @JanC


can you shoot me a PM with your account number and will get some on to take a look what the issue is




My Feb 2017 billing shows 3x more than my normal usage. the huge increase is from the water heater, which is impossible for us to over use (especially in the summer). 

After checking the reading from May 2016, it ends with 70,000 (actual reading). However, my Nov 2016 (actual) start reading 64k.

There is no point of reading the meter now as i dont even know which reading to start with.


This is a total **bleep** up. All AGL users need to be aware of thislatest news today dated 22nd Feb 2017 on  the AGL gas billing issue reported in Domain.


Someone needs to look into this and tell me what is going on.





Retired AGL Moderator

Hi @Dennis


Thanks for your post - welcome to the Community! 


If you can please send me a private message with your account details, I will have a look into your gas bill as soon as possible and get back to you. Please use this link to send your private message. 






Hi Dennis,


Thank you for your reply, but you should have messaged me 2 weeks ago when you billing's department chased me about the debt and was threatening me debt colletors. I've had enough of your company and don't want to deal with anybody from AGL ever again. 


Retired AGL Moderator

Hi @JanC


If you are still having issues with your gas account, please send me a private message and I can see what else needs to be done. Link for private message: here