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Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

I want to check I won't be double billed

I live in a sharehouse and my flatmate is moving out and the electricity is in her name. We were wanting to switch over to my name and stay with AGL. After doing a bit of online research about which energy company had the best value I got a call from Compare the Market. They told me they could switch the name of the accounts for me. But by the sounds of things I've opened a new account and they are sending me a welcome pack and having someone do a "connection" even though we are already with AGL and not moving into a new place. I'm very confused about it all and I just wanted to check that we will not be receiving two bills for this address and we have just switched the billing name over.

Retired AGL Moderator

Hi @Christine


Thanks for your post and welcome to the Community. 


By the sounds of it a new account has been established in your name and this is the current process whenever someone is wanting to take financial responsibility for either gas or electricity at an address with AGL. 


What should happen from here, the first reading should take place and this will trigger a final invoice for your housemate's account and then you will receive any future ongoing invoices in your name. 


If you would like please send me a private message with your account details and I can confirm that this is the case. Please use this private message link here