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Huge difference of electricity bill between previous house and current


Hi, everyone!

I am struggling with the huge electricity bill after moving into the current house.

When I was in the previous house, the electricity usage for daily was between 14 to 15kWh until last year.

Then I moved into new house in January this year.

I was shocked by the electricity bill from February.

The last electricity bill showed me the daily usage was 31.37kWh.

It is more than two times compare with previous house.

I tried to analyze the electricity usage by myself.

I checked the electricity comsumption of every stuff such as fridges, tv, kitchen appliances, heaters and etc.

However, there is a big gap between my calculation and actuall charge from AGL.

How do I find the reason or solve this problem?

I am paying electricity bill nearly $300 every months.

Can anyone help me?

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AGL Moderator

Hi @Delight90


Usage increase can be attributed to numerous things. Here's just a few examples to keep in mind, especially when moving to a new home.

- Weather: Airconditioners in the summer, heaters/lights/dryers in the winter can be a culprit for higher usage. A great way to see if your energy use has changed dramatically is to compare your energy use (in kWh or MJ) with the same time last year.

- When you moved, did you plug in any new appliances? Appliances with low energy efficiency star ratings can also be the cause of spike in usage.


You mentioned you tried to test the electricity consumption yourself on different appliances. May I ask what kind of testing you completed?