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Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

Huge bill + No reply on grant


Hi there,


I spoke to 2 different online customer service employees about having no money currently (on maternity leave and waiting on my centrelink) and both said they were processing my grant application. Hadn't heard anything after a week so looked online, found a page on your website that you could apply yourself for the form to get the grant. Done that, still nothing, just threats my power will be cut off in 3 days! Just what I need with a 3 month old!


Someone please help!


AGL Moderator

Hi @MaiMai


I know you have spoken to our chat representatives in the past, but the best course of action for you from here would be to come chat with us again online and request being placed on the Staying Connected program. Our agents will assess you for eligibility and this should put you on the right path to making payments and keeping connected. Provided you do this, you should not have your power cut off. 


You can chat to us here.