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Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

How much do I owe?


After moving, I received my final gas bill for $36.11 on 21st September with a due date of October 11th. THe read type was "actual". I then received a bill on October 11th for $24.54 with a due date of October 30th and a read type of "estimate".  Both bills were for the same time period. The website and app both state the amount owing is $40.98 with a due date of September 20th, though this amount was paid on September 15th. Anyone care to take a guess as to what I owe and when it is due by?


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Sounds like your bills have caused some confusion here, which we're keen to help with! So that we can jump into your account and have a look around, feel free to contact our web chat team ( and we'll happily assist you where we can.


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That link does not work.


I ended up paying $45, just to cover the highest amount. This was on the 16th of October. I received via email a bill today that was issued on the 22nd of October, and there is nothing about the $45 I paid, just another different amount to the three I already have.