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Hot water billing confusion.


We moved to an apartment 6 months ago after living in a larger home with 4 gas appliances, we had a bill shock with our hot water in our apartment. After finally working out some answers to my bill I was rather shocked how the hot water from the boiler to my apartment is calculated it appears I have a hot water meter under my kitchen sink that measures the amount of hot water used as this water meter has a heat sensor on it. This meter measures kilo litres and litres so when I use hot water the odometer moves to show usage. The units on my bill show decialitres then multi 10 which I believe converts back to litres used then conversion factor of.4666 something then coverts in to mj. Since I have finally figured this out I am worried about using my hot water. Am I misguided here feeling I am being charged in a fanciful way a cent a litre. Mj usage 12,000 for quarter previous in house average 7,000mj



Hi Dragons


Just wondering whether your issue got resolved with AGL? I'm having similar issue here. 

My meter was 11373087 with 1137 were in black and white and 3087 were in red and white.

When I drained 1 litre of hot tap, the second last digit moved by 1. Per the bill below, looks like i'm being charged for every 10L of hot water used. But why they multiplied it by 10 again? 




This is the first monthly bill I received and I think it's ridiculously high for 2 people living in a 1-bedroom apartment (approx $100 per month). My colleague with same sized household she only pays no more than $120 per quarter!  



Your reply will be much appreciated.




Hi Soph,


Sorry to get back late.


Your current reading is     1137.3087

Your previous reading is    1131.83


Therefore your consumption is 5.4787

Meter measures in Cubic meters, therefore you used 5.4787 cubic meters of hot water

1 cubic meter of water is equal to 1000 liters

Therefore you used 5.4787x1000= 5478.7 liters water


this is equal to units measured 547087 multiplied by 10. this is because the units are 1/10th of a liter (this is confusing)


the black/white and red dials are as per cubic meters. 

Instead of cubic meter measurement they are want to show liter measurement. this is why we get confused.


Your bill is $100 is too much. Normally the bill should be quarterly basis.


What is your total bill? Are you living in an apartment.


Finally the bill is converted to MJ by multiplying using the conversion factor to convert the volume in to heat.


In addition to hot water you will be charged for the gas cooking.


Did you read the meters or are you referring to the reading from the bill.


Please see in the bill whether you have been charged for the actual physical meter reading.


Sometimes there are other issues in an apartment with the meter readings. The Gas network read meters from the data logger in your common area. The data logger and the your physical meter in side the unit will aligned.


You should always check the physical meter read as against in the bill that you receive.


I had that problem too.

They replaced the meter and pulse counter of the meter was replaced.


I approached the EWON (Ombudsman) and negotiated a deal as no one knows technical aspects correctly. I was better off that any way:)


So keep watching your meter reader and take photos with dates proof(keeping a newspaper showing the date in the photo underneath the meter). Otherwise they don't believe that the reading is on certain date.


Good luck


let me know if you have further questions.