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Hot Water Gas Meter ITRON UltraMaXX HW recording higher usage


Hi All,

In Feb 2018 Jemena has installed new gas hot water meter for my unit. I live in building with 24 blocks and I am the only person having that meter. Since this meter been installed I am getting very higher usage bill, roughly almost $400 approx for 90 days. We are only 3 person and hardly use hot water just for shower.


I strongly believe its because of wrong billing which AGL doing. Here is my meter pics with read.


They are using all digits from reading, multiplying by 10, then further multiplying by conversion factor .32. So if my meter reading shows 79.375, they are capturing this bill without decimal 7937.50*10*.32 like this and showing total usage 25400 Usage MJ. And this figure get further multiplying by usage and supply charge @0.029 and giving $736 which I believe is very high.


Question or Doubt what I have -

1) When my meter reading showing only five digit usage 2 integer digit and 3 decimal digit e.g. 79.375 , refer the link above then why AGL showing that figure in their bill like this 7937.50. Changing from 5 digit to 6 digit and moving decimal position.


2) How do I know whether my meter recording water liter in KiloLiter or just Liter? what this 79.375 number represent. I mean measurement Unit? It shows at the end of number cubic meter? What cubic meter represent and how it should calculated for billing?


3) The usage on meter. Is it water usage or gas usage? what exactly it is as the purpose of this meter is to measure Hot water usage running through GAS.


4) If possible share the details how Digital meter reading should capture and calculated. I already got one link where they are showing how you should read Digital Gas Meter reading but I am more interested how calculation should run.






Excellent questions! I am wondering the same thing! @rn13manish Has anyone from AGL replied to you since you posted this a month ago?



After struggling with AGL for 4 month, they checked twice with Gemena about my meter reading and confirmed that meter reading is write, there is nothing can be done to make any adjustment. I have to pay my bills. I also checked couple of more neighbors, some of them paid $500 - $600 quarter bill for GAS. I compared the usage as well with them, so seems like its was result of higher usage only and I have to pay my dues finally. My earlier meter was not running properly hence they changed this new one. Earlier bills always close to  $100  for quarter. 

I have adopted few tips which might reduce my future bills as given below -

1) Not using hot water for utensil cleaning

2) Not using hot water for small small stuff e.g. washing hand many time in day, shaving etc.

3) changed my shower head to 9lt minute capacity

4) Put new Water pressure reduction washer inside few taps

Now days using hot water only for quick shower.





I have the same concern. My bill has jumped from approx $250 to $650.

The meter shows 44.232 and they are ignoring the decimal digit here. Looks like there is something wrong on AGL's behalf.


Not only the meter reading is different. I notice my conversion factor on my bill has jumped significantly (from 0.462004 to 1.006329)


I have exactly the same problem as others here - Since the installation of the Itron Ultramaxx meter my bill has gone up about $400.  I believe the first person was on the right track - the meter is measuring in different units - it is one decimal place out I'd guess.


Was there any resolution to this issue? I have the same problem.


New meter installed and over a 6 month period registered 18,000 MJ usage. Which means 9,000MJ over 90 days or approx 100MJ a day. AGL provides reference in their bill to what other households use. A 4 person house uses 4-5000MJ. I am a 3 person household (work full time, 10min showers max) and double that. provides reference for which provider to go with and my usage is almost 3 times the daily high.

Anyone gotten further with AGL on this? My colleague said to have meter investigated via ombudsman but hoping that the last resort.

Mozo compare.PNG




No, There was no resolution for this problem. May be my case my previous meter was bit faulty so was not recording reading properly, hence I was paying less bill. once new meter installed all of sudden I start getting higher amount bill which forced me to thing there may be issue in meter but after 4 month struggle with 100 of calls, we ended up with conclusion that there is no problem in hot water meter usage recording, its recording correctly and I ended up paying my all bills to avoid further delay.


The only thing I did after that in my home is started using Hot water very carefully.

e.g. no hot water for utensil wash.

brought and installed new shower tap 6liter per minute capasity which reduce hot water usage

earlier we use to open hot water for small small stuff for hand wash etc, we stopped because the time hot water travel to take to come from down to up, itself consume few MJ, hence we stopped that.

Make sure your Laundry not using hot water.

When you need hot water for utensil wash, put 10 little bucket, fill it and use that water instead of direclty from tap, it will save lot of $.


That's it.



I have this with the ombudsman at the moment.  I expect more developments in February - it takes them some months to get round to each dispute.

Will inform of the results.  

My story is almost identical - I now use as much water (according to them) as 2 families of 4 - there are 3 of us.

I know my meter is reading litres of water - so I also know I'm paying almost 2 cents a litre.

I think we will get to the bottom of this eventually - and there will be a lot of us!!


Don't believe it's your fault - I can follow my water usage back a long way - I'm not using more hot water.

It's them.

They think that if you fill a 10 litre bucket your meter ticks over one unit - mine ticks 10.

That is correct for the new meter - so there is nothing wrong with the meter.

What is wrong is the calculation.

2cents a litre is wrong!